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Yaskawa Automation Device

1915 Firstly, Together with his older brothers, Daigorou Yaskawa (Yaskawa Automation Device) opened an office

weintek automation device

Since Weintek (a Weintek automation device) unveiled the MT8070iH (7″) and MT8100i (10″), two 16:9

Siemens Automation

Siemens automation introduces a successful automation system by registering the SIMATIC trademark with the German

Schneider digital technology

Firstly, Schneider’s mission is to enable everyone to maximize available energy and resources, bridging sustainability

pro-fece Digital Electronics

1972 Firstly, In Osaka, Japan, the Digital Electronics Corporation was established and began producing and

Parker Electronics

.A Fortune 250 company that leads the world in motion and control technologies is Parker

Panasonic electronic equipment

Konosuke Matsushita, our founder, established a management philosophy that has always been a cornerstone of

Omron Electronic

A friend of the founder of Omron Electronic, Kazuma Tateisi, who was also, an X-ray

Mitsubishi Electric

The demands for more attention to the environment, safety, and peace of mind have never

LS Automation Company

PLC Repair BD is the most well-known and well-respected company in Bangladesh. We work with LS Automation companies like PLC repair, HMI maintenance, VFD repair, SERVO DRIVE repair services, and industrial and acoustic