Mitsubishi Servo Drive Repair in Bangladesh

Mitsubishi Servo Drive Repair in Dhaka Bangladesh

Mitsubishi is one of the leading manufacturers of servo drives in Bangladesh. Servo Drives are a vital part of factory automation and any production line for that matter.

Mitsubishi servo drive repair

We have experts who work with Mitsubishi servo drive repair daily. We have extensive knowledge of the operation as well as how to identify malfunctions. Ranging from minor faults to more serious problems. We can also service all types of servo-driven motors. Including those used in electric vehicles and municipal systems.

We offer service for all types of Mitsubishi servo drives; from the small MT Servo Drives to the huge industrial Servo Drives. We have servos ranging from 3 to 18 inches in diameter.

Mitsubishi Servo Drive Testing at Mitsubishi Service Center

Mitsubishi servo drive repair

Servo drives are used in a wide range of applications. From factory automation to land travel mechanisms and dam machinery control. The two most common types of servo drives are called micro drives and large drives. Although these two styles of servo drive have very little in common. Also,they both have the ability to fit into different applications. Which makes it possible to work on all models with the same set of skills.

In factory automation, servo drives are used to drive production lines and machinery. Every machine that is moved by a servo drive has its unique characteristics. Which makes it possible to use many different types of servos on a single unit. For example, a large production line will require a large drive. Whereas a small machine. That can be moved by one servo drive may work best with the addition of two smaller drives. The size of the servo drive also creates differences in its efficiency.

Mitsubishi servo drives are used extensively in agriculture as well. The servo motors used in these applications are typically regulated by the user, which makes them very versatile. It can be used to run a tiller, plow, or any other type of machinery. Unlike normal machinery that must comply with certain regulations. Mitsubishi servos can be adjusted by the user for the effective running of machinery.

Why you chose our service

Along with this, many new players have also entered the market. And we believe that these companies will be able to produce them cheaper. Better-quality products in the future. They are still very competitive in price. But we find them more reliable and they have a better warranty period compared to major brands in China. The main reason they can produce such high-quality products is that. They are run by Japanese motors that are highly refined and more reliable than Chinese motors.

Companies like Mitsubishi are also aware that price is very important for customers and offers more reasonable prices. They can spend less on marketing, which leaves room for a lower price.

Mitsubishi servo drive repair

Large manufacturers like Bosch and Siemens combine forces with Chinese companies to produce quality servo drives at cheaper prices. Companies like these have decades of industry experience. Making them an excellent choice for quality machinery and machinery components. You may pay a bit more than buying certain inferior brands, but the results are well worth it.

The most common types of Mitsubishi servo drives are;

MT Servo Drives: These are the smallest servo drives. And they are also, widely used in small machines like tiny electric vehicles. These drives require the input of a microprocessor to coordinate their operation. Powerful servos provide accurate movements with low power consumption.

  1. RT Servo Drives-  These motors are used to drive machinery that requires high torque and also have a very large jump range. They require a lot of maintenance and are generally used in agricultural machinery.
  1. LK Servo Drives-  LK servo drives are the middle ground between RT servos and MT servos. They are inexpensive and can be used for all types of applications, including machinery, electrical vehicles, land traveling mechanisms, and many more.
  1. LS Servo Drives-  These drives provide high torque in a very small package. Their main use is for heavy-duty machines that require a lot of power. These drives can also be used in vehicles, letting you control the speed and the direction of your vehicle.
  1. LTE Servo Drives –  These drives are very large and provide very high torque. They are used for heavy-duty machinery and other applications where a high-grade model is needed.

In addition to this, it is possible to purchase adapter plates that can fit different brands of servos. Allowing you to use three different types of servo motors on the same machine.

Mitsubishi Servo Drive Types and Specifications

Servo drives are used in a wide range of applications and have evolved with technology. Automatic control components are becoming more common as electronic technology advances. And also, microprocessors and servo motors have become more efficient and versatile than they once were.

The most common types of servo drives used today are:

  1. AC Servo Drives- These drives are used to run high-torque applications like manufacturing machinery and heavy-duty applications. These drives offer a lot of power, they are also, generally not as accurate as servo motors used in other applications. AC servo drives have limited speed control, and their movement is very linear.
  1. DC Servo Drives- DC servo drives have built a reputation for accuracy and efficiency, with the ability to provide high torque at low speeds. They are widely used in manufacturing, automation, and agriculture. They work best at continuous operation and are often used in manufacturing plants to operate machinery.

These drives also require a control circuit to regulate their operation. But have more flexibility in terms of the range of frequencies they can handle compared to AC servo motors. They also have better performance than AC servo drives when it comes to speed control.

Servo motors are designed to survive in harsh environments and require little maintenance. They are built to last a considerable amount of time with regular usage.

A servo motor is very precise and can be used in a wide range of applications. They make use of feedback from the control circuit to limit their movements and prevent damage. These drives move gradually, unlike DC motors, which spin directly. Their current position to the desired position by reversing it. This kind of movement is called continuous motion and is used in applications like car transmissions. Washing machines, and agricultural machines.


Servo-drive companies have been in the industry for many years. And they are also, an excellent choice for purchasing high-quality drives. They offer a wide range of models with the ability to handle many different applications. It is important to ensure that you purchase from a reliable company. That can stand by its products and provides excellent customer service. We can supply servo drives at very competitive prices with excellent quality. If you need any services please contact us

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